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Oasis Warehouse (look for the Oasis Appliance sign)
1294 North Thomas Street  |  Memphis, TN  38107
T:  901.577.0013  |

Store Hours:

Tuesday 10a-2p Open Shop
Thursday 10a-2p Open Shop
Mechanics Training - Hours Vary

Our mission is: To help direct and encourage all we serve to take the right path in life.

The Oasis Bike Shop takes in donations of used or new bikes in any condition and refurbishes them when possible to be reused by those in need or to be sold in the shop. Bikes that are not repairable are used for parts.

Local youth can get involved in the Oasis Bike Shop Earn-a-Bike Program by volunteering, learning, and helping out in the Bike Shop with the end result of earning and selecting their very own bike. While logging their 24 hours, they are learning how to run a small business, being taught how to fix, revive and recycle used bikes, and perhaps most importantly, they are being mentored by a caring adult who is interested in investing in not only their physical health, but also their emotional and spiritual well-being. All bikes earned through this method come with a bike lock, helmet and a safety class. We are focused on taking the youth on outdoor field trips to parks or through bike trails in safe, beautiful settings contrary to riding on the streets where they live. Our desire is to see kids biking beyond their neighborhood and into healthier lives. The main mission is building community with the neighbors we serve and helping kids take the right path in life.

Additionally, we are not just focused on kids but also adults who have no other form of transportation, and have created an Apprentice Mechanic Program where we provide training in bicycle repairs, safety and mechanics.

Oasis Bike Shop in the news:

Robin Gallaher Branch, reporter for the Commercial Appeal, explains how at the Oasis Bike Shop ministry, values for life are along for the ride. Click here to read the article >

Jerome Wright, reporter for the Commercial Appeal, illustrates how the committment and ministry of Oasis of Hope are making a difference in the lives of those they employ as well as the community at large.  Click here to read the article >

We need your help!

Here are some of the ways we need YOU to get involved:

Donate a Used Bike
Your bike donation equals mentoring time, teaching bike repair, lessons in working hard to earn something, healthy living, & the invitation to attend group bike outings! Tax donation receipts are available for your donations. Funds to run the Bike Shop come from private donations and the sales of bikes. We include bike locks and helmets with every bike. We accept drop-offs at any of our Oasis offices or at Hope Presbyterian Church, or we can schedule to pick up your donation from you. Contact Bill to schedule a pick-up time.

Work in Our Store to Clean and Repair Used Bikes
Volunteers are needed to work Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10a-2p
Mechanics Training is available but hours vary
Help us fix up bikes and at the same time teach a youth the trade!

Join us for Group Bike Rides
Casual riders and bike enthusiasts are all invited to join us; The more the merrier!
Let us know if you'd like to come on our next ride.

Shop at our Store
Part of our funding comes from bike sales!
We depend on consistent sales to stay in business so stop on by and buy yourself a bike!

If you are interested in getting involved or would like more information, please contact Bill.