Join #TeamTerrian as Terrian Performs on American Idol

December 11, 2015

terrian-american-idol-400Terrian’s going to Hollywoooood :D!

Now it isn’t every day that you have the chance to meet someone who can say they auditioned for American Idol and met the judges personally! One of our very own talented, young adults, Terrian Bass, whose family has been highly involved in our ministry from nearly the very beginning (like 12 or 13 years), did just that!

Watch here as Pastor Eli interviews Terrian.

Help us cheer Terrian on by spreading the word and tuning in to watch (Wednesdays & Thursdays at 7pm/Fox) in hopes of seeing glimpses of her! If you don’t catch her there, you can enjoy her gifts personally as she helps leads worship on the front lines at Hope Church, helps in Hope’s Youth Department, and mentors middle school girls through Angel Street, a ministry bringing music opportunities to girls in North Memphis!

We couldn’t be any prouder … mostly of the Godly woman Terrian has become and how she continues to use her musical talent as a gift from God (#glorytothegiver)! Take a listen for yourself! Whether she’s singing on tv, or belting it out at the next Oasis event, she’s a gem and we are so thrilled for her!

Stay up-to-date on Terrian’s progress by following her Facebook page.


So Much Good Can Be Done By Donating Your Old Appliance

November 01, 2014

oasis-appliance-100x116Donating Your Appliance Provides Jobs & Affordable Goods

Whether you’re remodeling your whole kitchen/laundry room or just replacing a single item, don’t forget Oasis Appliance Store wants and needs your discarded appliances.

Donating to Oasis Appliance creates a win-win-win for everyone: hassle-free removal of your old appliance and an easy tax-deduction for you, on- the-job training and part-time employment for four deserving North Memphis residents, and quality pre-owned appliances at substantially reduced prices for anyone looking for a bargain.

And, any profits made in the process are put back into the economically distressed neighborhood Oasis of Hope has been called to serve.

Where else can so much good be done through the simple act of donating appliances?

Fill out our online donation request form to schedule a pick up, or email Deborah to volunteer or inquire about more information. See the Oasis Appliance webpage for details.

Meet Our New Team Member Jaime Krone, Admin Assist

September 24, 2014

jaime-110x116I’m originally from Memphis and I graduated from Central High School in 1995. Immediately, I enlisted into the United States Air Force and was stationed at Travis AFB, CA. I was there for three years and then returned to Memphis in 1998. I joined the Air National Guard and worked as a logistics specialist, recruiter, human resource specialist and training and development manager. Presently, I’m serving as a Master Sergeant (E-7) and handling wing training management and development, Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) advisement and a couple other programs and special projects.

I am remarried to my magnificent husband of two years, and combined, we have three children: aged 14, 13 and 11, and three dogs. I have a background in career development, and was trying to figure out how to use my talent in a very impactful way. I’m a member of Hope Church and I remembered that Oasis of Hope is a non-profit affiliate. It offers holistic services for poverty liberation. I felt like Oasis of Hope was the organization that could possibly use my help. I contacted Terry and asked if I could create a career counseling program for the neighborhood adults. I wanted to begin honing my skills more towards occupational development of impoverished families. Terry helped set everything up and I started seeing clients on my off days.

When I found out that Oasis had an opening, I knew I had to apply for the job. I realized that God had meticulously developed my career, so that I could use my experience for developing the careers of others. I plan to offer career development and mental health services to low income families. My immediate goals are to gain a MSSW in Social Work and become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Also, I will seek a designation in career development. We must encourage a healthy relationship with our neighbors, by assisting them in self-sustainment. My prayer is that we decrease dependency, and provide support during the transformative process.