Oasis Basketball – A Disguise to Teach Life Lessons

January 08, 2013

Our desire is to use basketball as a means to teach deeper life lessons like community, selflessness, ambition, and perseverance … as well as building relationships with the players during a critical time in their lives. We hope to instill a drive to win in life and not just in basketball.

Martell Hixson, Oasis Youth Developer, coaches the young men and said, ‘The guys are slowly transforming from a group of disconnected individuals into a cohesive unit.’

If you have a heart for basketball, we would love to have you support our team! Contact Martell for more information.

Oasis Hires A Youth Developer; Meet Martell Hixson

September 19, 2012

My passion for urban youth ministry stems from my background. I grew up in an urban context and became well acquainted with all the pain and confusion that many urban teens feel daily. I also saw the creative minds and passionate hearts of young people in urban culture. I’ve come to believe that some of our greatest future leaders will come that context. I want to be apart of raising them up.

Interested In Changing Lives? Then Love On A Child!

September 01, 2011

Interested In Changing Lives?  Then Love On A Child!

kid holding biblePositive role models are a huge key to life transformation for our kids; and it takes less time than you would think.  Please pray about spending a few hours a month through one of these opportunities!  Try it out for a couple months and see if it is for you. Contact Terrrice Thomas, 901-527-0074, with questions or for more information.

Read 2 Succeed: reading with elementary students; M/T/W 4:30-6pm
KIPP Middle School Tutoring: M/T/W/Th 9:30-3:15p (one hour time slots), T/W/Th 5:15-6pm & some Saturdays 9-11am
- Caldwell-Guthrie Elementory Tutoring:  T/Th 10:30-1:30p (one hour time slots)
- Middle School Bible Study:  Th 2:30-4pm (*NEW!!  Please consider joining us for this!  It’s guaranteed to be LIVELY!)
Ambassadors High School Bible Study; Th 5-6pm
- Sports Coach: youth baseball or basketball; times vary

Basketball & the Inner City … They Just Go Together

September 01, 2011

Basketball & the Inner City … They Just Go Together

basketballWe are kicking off another round of Fall basketball competition for our middle school boys in partnership with Memphis Athletic Ministries.  Each week our volunteer coaches pick up the players, coach them in both basketball and spiritual topics, and often treat them to an after-game meal as well (not to mention those who wash those stinky uniforms week after week – thank you!).  Sports are a great way to build relationships with kids and we are grateful to our volunteers for investing in the boys like this!  If you would like to join in on the fun, email Terry for more information.

NEW Oasis of Hope Basketball Outreach … Wanna Play?

April 01, 2010

basketballIf you would like to invest in the lives of some of our young boys in the neighborhood through assisting in coaching a 12 and under basketball team, we’ve got your opportunity!  We will have a team in the Spring MAM league starting April 10th.  It would require one evening game per week and/or one Saturday game a week, from April 10 – May 13.  Contact Terrice or call 527-0074 for more information