Oasis of Hope’s Message About Charlottesville

September 02, 2017

To Our Oasis of Hope family,

It seems ridiculous in 2017 to have to make this statement, but to be silent denies us the sacred opportunity to call for biblical justice and renewal. The staff and the board of directors of Oasis of Hope condemn in the strongest manner any hate-filled actions or words from any white supremacist, neo-Nazi, KKK, or alt-right group or individual. We as Christians and as members of the human race are sickened by the events of Charlottesville and hold those groups solely responsible for the mayhem that occurred. We stand in unity with those whom these groups strive to intimidate and destroy. Our prayers are with the people of Charlottesville, most especially with the family of Heather Heyer and the many who were injured. May the love of God overwhelm the hate and pain of this time.

As we have tried to do for sixteen years, Oasis of Hope will strive to love and serve those who come across our path.

Eli Morris
Board Chairperson

Terry Hoff
Executive Director