Why SLA is Impacting North Memphis this Summer

July 20, 2017

summer-leadership-academy-2We believe that some of our city’s greatest leaders will emerge from under-resourced communities like North Memphis.

Summer Leadership Academy is an 8-week leadership training experience conducted by Oasis of Hope to provide our high school student leaders with the resources needed to elevate their leadership capacities. This includes biblical training, career readiness, community service, and exposure outings that will help our youth grow and develop into the potential that God has given them.

  • Cultural Exposure – We are providing strategic opportunities to enlarge the worldview and perspective of our student leaders. We want to help our youth see what’s possible when motivated by love and faith. For example, youth will attend a diversity training at Bridges as well as experience racial & economic diversity by attending St. Jude, Slavehaven, art shows and cross cultural service projects.
  • Leadership Development – We seek to provide spiritual, character and vocational training to enlarge the understanding and competencies of our youth. We want to help our student leaders become more functional in their faith.  For example, our business professional mentors are teaching the students many of the business essentials to succeed in the workforce.
  • Service Opportunities – Our students are experiencing the workplace in an on-the-job setting serving as interns at Chick-fil-A and Oasis Appliance. In addition, many served as volunteer leaders at our Summer VBS program and other outreaches designed to stretch their leadership muscles and grow in this essential aspect of their lives.

Our youth with spend a week serving through Service Over Self (SOS) camp, learning the importance and benefits of serving others.

They will also have 6-week internships with local companies doing everything from maintenance, landscaping, restaurant service, retail customer service, cashier positions and truck delivery services. They will spend time each week in group settings learning key life and employment skills through professional instruction and team building activities. A sincere thanks to all of the businesses providing our teens summer internships and giving our kids at chance to make a difference!

Values taught through our program are: Love for God, Love for Self, Love for Others, Love for Community/City, Leadership/Discipleship, and Social Justice.

Graduation will be celebrated July 25th.

This program not only gives our youth practical training for the future beyond high-school, but many of them find immediate benefits from the experience. For instance, all of our Chick-fil-A students last year were offered on-going employment at their establishment!

An investment in our youth is an investment in the future of our city!

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