Join #TeamTerrian as Terrian Performs on American Idol

December 11, 2015

terrian-american-idol-400Terrian’s going to Hollywoooood :D!

Now it isn’t every day that you have the chance to meet someone who can say they auditioned for American Idol and met the judges personally! One of our very own talented, young adults, Terrian Bass, whose family has been highly involved in our ministry from nearly the very beginning (like 12 or 13 years), did just that!

Watch here as Pastor Eli interviews Terrian.

Help us cheer Terrian on by spreading the word and tuning in to watch (Wednesdays & Thursdays at 7pm/Fox) in hopes of seeing glimpses of her! If you don’t catch her there, you can enjoy her gifts personally as she helps leads worship on the front lines at Hope Church, helps in Hope’s Youth Department, and mentors middle school girls through Angel Street, a ministry bringing music opportunities to girls in North Memphis!

We couldn’t be any prouder … mostly of the Godly woman Terrian has become and how she continues to use her musical talent as a gift from God (#glorytothegiver)! Take a listen for yourself! Whether she’s singing on tv, or belting it out at the next Oasis event, she’s a gem and we are so thrilled for her!

Stay up-to-date on Terrian’s progress by following her Facebook page.