Our Tax Volunteers Have Saved N Memphis Almost $3 Million!

April 08, 2015

2015 VITA (3)God is Good – and so are our faithful VITA Volunteers!

Oasis just wrapped up its tax filing outreach for the year…another great year of very tangible impact in families lives! This year the team filed 112 tax returns, requiring 203 volunteer man-hours, and saved people $242,204 this year alone in tax credits and filing fees! That means donating a lot of Saturdays to faithfully show up week after week to file taxes!

This team is a humble/faithful group that has been serving the community for 9 years … NINE years! Their wonderful leader over that time has been Doug Edwards. His commitment, faithfulness, and servant’s heart has been a powerful witness for Christ proving that helping people with their taxes is way more than a love of numbers … it’s a ministry of love. This year Vikki Coker helped to share the 2015 VITA (1)load and her service has been greatly appreciated!

Over the past 9 years this awesome team has filed a total of 1,572 returns and saved low income families approximately $2,713,000 to date!

We do have a prayer request: that God will provide good leaders to take this outreach into the future, as Doug looks forward to new opportunities going forward.

We are so thankful for this ministry affecting people’s lives personally and economically…and for the wonderful people God has used to make it happen!