Wanna Enjoy the Outdoors? Cheer on the Baseball Team

April 26, 2014

web-fav-IMG_3720The 2014 Manassas High School Baseball Team season is already underway with a win under their belt! The players LOVE to have cheering fans in the stands to fire them up! Support our team by coming out to a game, or if you would like to volunteer your time to help Coach Jordan Buchheit, contact Brenda at: 901-496-5516, or Brenda@oasis-of-hope.com.

Here is the Manassas Baseball Schedule 2014 – see you at the ball field!

• All start times at 3:30pm unless otherwise indicated
• @ signifies away game
• vs. signifies home game

03/27/14 Rained out: Manassas vs. Craigmont

03/19/14 Final score: Manassas 9/Sheffield 4

03/21/14 Final score: Raleigh Eqypt 9/Manassas 8

03/24/14 Rained out: Manassas vs. Douglass

03/24/14 Rained out: Manassas vs. Craigmont

03/31/14 Final score: Manassas 4/Trezevant 2

04/2/14 Final score: (Double-Header) Manassas 19/Frayser 1 and Manassas 17/Frayser 1

04/04/14 Rained out: Manassas vs. Raleigh Egypt High School

Rained out: Manassas vs. Fairley High School

04/09/14 Rained out: Trezvant High School

04/10/14 Rained out: Make-up game @ Trezvant High School

04/14/14 Rained out: Westwood High School

04/15/14 Make-up Game @ Craigmont High School – 3:00pm

04/16/14 Make-up Game vs. Raleigh Egypt High School – 3:00pm

Final Score: Fairley 12/Manassas 4

04/24/14 Final Scores: Manassas 14/Westwood 4 and Manassas 9/Westwood 1

05/01/14 vs. Douglas – 4:oopm

05/05/14 Final Score: Craigmont 19/Manassas 1

Many thanks to Manassas Coach, ‘Buck’ Buchheit, who is from MO and in his second year of coaching at Manassas participating in the ‘Teach America’ program, to Volunteer Coach Lynn Alford who is a former U of M 2nd baseman from the ’70s, and to Zeke Isaacman, Assistant Volunteer Coach and former U of M Tiger baseball player who pitched in the ’90s, for investing in the team … among all our wonderful volunteers who support and pour into these young men!

If you would like more information regarding this ministry, email Brenda. Stay up-to-date by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter and checking our website for pictures, videos and current information.

Tanglible Tax Love! We Helped People Keep $2.5 MIL Dollars!!

April 20, 2014

2014-3-VITA-volunteers-web5At Oasis, we believe that relationships often begin by giving someone-in-need tanglible, practical help. Through our Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA), our professional accountants and volunteers have saved North Memphis residents thousands of dollars … millions actually … which keeps money in families pockets to be used for necessary items like food and housing.

In recent years, tax filing had become dirty business in the inner city and several local businesses were charged for filing fraudulent claims and withholding money that was due people. But for eight years now, our trusted and trained volunteers have set up shop in the neighborhood for several weeks and faithfully filed honest returns – at no cost – with a main goal being to find each person all the earned income tax credits they are eligible for, as well as, save them all the filing fees other companies charge. This saves many low-income families hundreds of dollars every year and puts precious dollars back into their households and our community. The impact is not only individual, but positively impacts the entire family and local economy.

“We have many repeat customers who have come to us every year,” says VITA Project Coordinator, Doug Edwards. ” I would estimate at least 50% of the people we serve have been coming back for at least 4 years. One lady who stood out to me a couple of years ago had just lost her mother after also losing her father the previous year. In addition, she was dealing with her own health issues and had recently lost her job, so she was very much in a world of grief and needed someone to talk with and listen. I spent about an hour with her, not only reviewing her taxes but also talking about her situation and helping to boost her spirits. She called me after she got her refund and thanked me for the help and for being supportive and a good listener. Ours is not just a ministry of help, but a ministry of love. It is so much more than just doing their taxes. We get to know these folks on a personal level and they become our friends. They trust us, they appreciate the help, but they especially appreciate the personal attention we provide.

Over the past eight filing seasons, VITA volunteers have invested almost 2,475 hours of their own time, filed 1,460 returns, and saved people just shy of $2.5 MILLION dollars!!

Thank you SO MUCH to our lead volunteer, Doug Edwards, who coordinates our site and to his volunteer team who make this amazing outreach possible!

If you would like more information regarding this specific ministry, contact Doug. Stay up-to-date by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter and checking our website for pictures, videos and current information.

See How Tamara is Getting Ahead Due to Our Class

April 12, 2014

2013-8-tamaraSPRING not only means Easter but, also that it’s time for our bi-annual “Getting Ahead in A Just Getting by World” life skills & financial literacy class for North Memphis residents starting April 1- May 15th (Tues. & Thurs. 10:30 am- 12:30pm).

Last year, Tamara Williams, was very apprehensive when she first started the class. She was very quiet and didn’t really give much input. “I was shy because I didn’t like reading in front of people, and I was worried the class would judge me.” But toward the middle of the class she really opened up. Her confidence increased and she became one of the star students, so much so that the class voted her “Most Improved!” She even started working on her goal of getting an Associate Degree and enrolled in Remington College to get her Nursing Assistant license.

This 7-week course is designed to help participants examine the effects of poverty on their lives and in their community and teach them skills to begin to take more control over their situations. Students set goals for their lives, through self- assessment and financial literacy, and learn how to practically apply the principles into their specific situations. It also gives information on how to use current resources to help reach goals in life.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? We need donations of gift cards to give to the participants (Kroger, Visa, Subway, etc) to serve as rewards and incentives. You can also donate funds for us to purchase the cards and supplies. If you’d like to support this life-changing class, you can donate online or make checks payable to Oasis of Hope (8500 Walnut Grove, Cordova, TN 38018) and write “Getting Ahead” in the memo. Both gift cards or checks can be dropped in the Hope Church offering plate (indicate who it’s for) or to our ministry offices.

DATE/TIME: April 1- May 15th (Tues. & Thurs. 10:30 am- 12:30pm

LOCATION: Bickford Community Center, 233 Henry Avenue, North Memphis

If you would like more information regarding this ministry, email Terrice or call at 901.527.0074. Stay up-to-date by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter and checking our website for pictures, videos and current information.

Oasis Volunteer Recently Highlighted in Local Paper!

April 12, 2014

2014-susan-harber-110x116Susan Harbor, one of our faithful senior volunteers, was recently featured in The Best Times The Monthly News Magazine for Active Mature Mid-Southerners – April 2014 and was promoted as an invaluable volunteer (we already knew that!!)! Here’s what the article said:

Susan Harbor – Oasis of Hope Senior Center: Those who know Susan Harbor say she is an incredible volunteer who epitomizes what volunteerism is all about. She volunteers at the Oasis of Hope Senior Center in North Memphis at the Bickford Community Center. She is at the center every Thursday and facilitates the Wii games for the seniors from 9a-noon. The seniors have so much fun and love her! She is kind and giving, and loves them as much as they love her. Susan also helps make holidays special. She assists the Easter celebration by bringing craft supplies so that the seniors can make Easter hats and compete for prizes for the Halloween contest each year, and she also helps fund Christmas baskets that are given to participants to ensure that they have a wonderful holiday.

Oasis of Hope would like to sincerely thank SUSAN HARBOR for being an invaluable volunteer and making an impact in the lives of the seniors in North Memphis!

If you would like more information regarding the Seniors ministry, contact Shirley. Stay up-to-date by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter and checking our website for pictures, videos and current information.