Oasis and Streets Girls Participate in Angel Street Choir

December 06, 2013

angel-street-choir-web100x1What a fantastic evening for the girls of Angel Street choir and the women of hope!! The opportunity to open for Sarah Simmons was a night that the girls, nor I, will ever forget. After singing their original song called the Christmas countdown, the audience gave Angel Street choir a standing ovation!!

What a wonderful way to open the Christmas program this year. I am still receiving emails texts and Facebook posts on what an impact the girls made that evening. We look forward to recording a Christmas countdown this Sunday at the Grove with Angel Street, and then another recording in January at the warrior Princess retreat!!

Ruth Abigail and I have definitely seen the girls come alive with passion and enthusiasm as they have shared their musical gifts so creatively! We look forward to continuing this
project in whatever way God will allow. Thank you so much for everything you
did to make this project possible, we could not have done it without your
support and help!!

Special thanks to Brenda for helping with rehearsals, and Terrice for transporting the girls back to North Memphis after the concert :-)).

Jill Dyson