Educating Young Women About Sex & Pregnancy

June 07, 2012

We recently hosted a conversation titled ‘How Sex & Pregnancy Affect Our Bodies’ with expert doctors Julie Ware and Clarice Mullinax and RN Kathleen MacDonald who addressed 14 of our Oasis young women in a private, Biblical and educational format that was incredible! We hope to make this an annual event for our high school girls. Many thanks to our medical volunteers and their expertise!

High Schoolers Kick Off Summer with Leadership Camp

June 06, 2012

We definitely got the summer off to a great start at the 2012 UYI Advance Student Leadership Camp at The Grove in Cordova!  Ten of our high school and 3 adults enjoyed 3 days of encouragement and, of course, LOTS of fun with games and team challenges, dance parties, swimming, paddle boating, good food and inspiring messages.  GOD’S PRESENCE WAS HEAVY!  Thank you to our sponsors who made this amazing experience possible for our young people.  Next up:  Kids Across America camp in July!

Justice Tour… A Journey of Civil Rights Heritage

June 06, 2012

Can you imagine what it would feel like walking over the Edmond Pettus Bridge after learning that Bloody Sunday occurred there?  Hearing how African Americans peacefully marched to gain voting rights but were brutally attacked by police to break up the protest killing men, women and children … and then walking the same path they did is very impacting.  That is just one of the many stops we take on the Justice Tour to attempt to walk in the footsteps of our ancestors who fought for equal rights for all.  Elle Miller, Oasis of Hope leader, volunteer and former North Memphis resident got to attend the Tour this year.  “I really enjoyed everything.  I learned a lot of history in such a little amount of time.  Everyone should go on this trip! ” – Ella Miller

Vacation Bible School Wraps Up With a Grand Finale!

June 05, 2012

Event Re-Cap:  VBS was a huge blessing this year! For three days, 70 kids came and experienced God through Bible stories, games, and fun! On the fourth day we took a field trip to Shelby Farms where kids got to experience so many new things like paddle-boating, horseback riding, biking the trails and more! We had feedback from parents and kids who were so grateful that they got to leave a sometimes ‘difficult’ home-life, and just have fun! We really appreciate all of the wonderful volunteers who made this week possible including a special thanks to The Bike Shop coordinator Bill Jurgens for organizing the Shelby Farms event!

Read 2 Succeed Celebrates Completing Another Year

June 05, 2012

Read-2-Succeed made a big SPLASH this past weekend when our Monday & Tuesday groups got together for pool parties hosted by some of our awesome volunteers (Mike and Betsy Flexsenhar & Katie Heffernan and her daughter Lillian)!! Mentors and readers have been meeting weekly throughout the entire school year practicing reading skills, listening to Bible stories, memorizing Bible verses and building relationships!  Check out our pictures in the Read2Succeed photo albums – they are guaranteed to make you smile!

Practical Teaching That Makes a True Difference

June 05, 2012

Oasis hosts its first ‘Getting Ahead in a Just Getting By World’ graduation!  This six-week class included 12 participants who attended 2, 2-hour classes a week to learn about Building Economic Stability, Getting Involved In the Community & Taking Ownership, and Setting Personal Goals & Achieving Them.  The participants and their families enjoyed the ceremony, dinner and receiving awards.  Memphis City Councilman Lee Harris (District 7) presented the keynote address.  Congratulations to all the graduates!

VBS Loves Snacks! Can You Donate Some?

June 01, 2012

We are needing lots and lots of donations of individually wrapped, single serving:  fruit snacks, roll ups, rice krispie treats, chips (1 oz bags), cookies, cheese-its, capri sun drinks or monetary donations. Carts for donations will be in the foyers at Hope Presbyterian Church. If you are unable to volunteer  your time, donating snacks or money is very much needed as well and is a BIG help!  For more information contact Di (507-1920).