Mentors & Mentees Attend the Hope Christmas Dinner Together

January 25, 2012

inner city girls & mentorsIn January, Oasis of Hope will be launching an official drive to match up mentors from Hope Church with young women mentees from North Memphis.  However, beginning in November, two of our youth leaders along with two new mentors are piloting a new pregnancy curriculum mentoring program from partnering ministry, One By One, to study and prep our peer mentoring program to walk along side young women who find themselves pregnant at a young age.  This program begins when a young woman discovers herself pregnant and continues through the first year of the child.  If you are interested in being involved with either pregnant teens, or young women, please contact Karey.

The Best Gift You Gave This Season Was Your Time

January 25, 2012

kids with mentor

One of the biggest ways to help is to volunteer your time with our partnering school, KIPP:Memphis.  Following is a letter from Jamal McCall, KIPP’s Executive Director:  The middle school, high school, and KIPP Through College office would love your help with occasional small projects throughout the year. Examples include compiling college application materials, creating an inventory of tutoring materials, organizing electronic alumni files, or lending a green thumb to our community garden. To facilitate this process, we are creating a volunteer listserve for the schools and KIPP Through College Office to use only when necessary. With your consent, we would love to add your name to our volunteer listserve. We promise that you will receive notice only when it really matters; school leaders or staff would simply notify you of upcoming project details and potential time slots for volunteer work. As always, there is never any obligation to participate. If you are willing to be added to the volunteer listserve, please email Jamal McCall.

Oasis Toy Store Helped 257 Familes & Over 1,000 Kids!

January 25, 2012

inner city kids working at toy storeWe would like to thank all who helped with our Toy Store this Christmas season whether you donated toys, money or volunteered your time!  We had our biggest season ever providing toys for 257 families and over 1,000 children!  Special thanks to the family of Kelly Howell for setting up a memorial Christams fund benefiting the Toy Store, as well as Tom and Mary Helen Capon for volunteering hours and hours of their time to plan, order toys, hire local staff, stock toys & man the store! Providing families in North Memphis with this opportunity  empowers under-resourced families to buy their own, new presents at reduced rates with dignity and grace!

Interesting Story:  A lady came into the store who works at Head Start.  She knew twin four-year-olds and an eight-year-old who’s mother passed away last week.  The Toy Store and its volunteers were able to give $200 worth of toys to the children who will be spending their first Christmas without their mother.

Oasis Appliance Has Urgent Needs:

January 25, 2012

Oasis Appliance Has Urgent Needs:

appliances1. Our demand is exceeding our supply!  If you purchase a new appliance this Holiday Season, please consider donating your old one to Oasis Appliance!
2. If you happen to have some time one day per week (10am-2pm) to help in the store we need you. One of our volunteer managers just got a full-time job.

3. If you know an appliance repair person that is willing to do contract work at our appliance store, we’d love to hire them.
4. If you have a truck and some time to donate, we are looking for volunteers to help pick up donated appliances and deliver them to our store.

For all the above Oasis Appliance needs, email us or call 901-527-0074.  Click here for the Oasis Appliance web page.

“Worthy to Die For” Oasis High School Youth Retreat

January 20, 2012

youth at retreat playing gamesOur Ambassador High School Youth spent Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend at retreat hosted for them by a Hope Men’s Group and held at Hope.  It was an awesome weekend of inspirational messages & testimonials, music, games, and of course … lots of FOOD! The kids heard about how to plan and live out their dreams, how to handle obstacles to their dreams with God’s help and forgiveness, and Pastor Rufus even led the young people in a lively game of “Simon Says” and also spoke to them about 8 simple ways to know you’re a Christian.  They also got to travel to the Fedex Forum for a special MLK Grizzlies basketball game against the Chicago Bulls!  One of the most moving moments of the weekend was when the students wrote down what they wanted to get rid of in their lives on a piece of paper, and then went outside as a group and threw them in a fire.  Thank you to all of the volunteers and sponsors who put so much work into making this weekend the success that it was!  The kids had a great time, and it will be a time they remember forever!

Oasis Toy Store Fills With Crowds Opening Day!

January 09, 2012

Best Opening Day Ever at the Oasis Toy Store!

People were lined up long before the doors opened and got Christmas off on the right foot at our neighborhood toy store in North Memphis. Sixty families (about 300 kids!) took advantage of the crazy deals they can get at the store, in order to provide toys for their children this Christmas. According to Tom and Mary Susan Capon, our long-standing volunteer store managers, “We might have sold as many remote control cars in the first hour this year as we did all last year. And last year was our busiest year to-date!”

We especially need:

Sports balls, remote control cars, batteries, and toddler toys.

If you have chance, please purchase a toy and bring it to Hope Church, or you can donate online and we’ll shop for you.

A little background:

The Oasis Toy Store concept came after learning that giving away toys doesn’t allow parents to provide for their kids with dignity. Who doesn’t like a good bargain though? So, having people donate brand new toys and selling them at drastically discounted prices not only allowed the families in North Memphis to purchase new toys, but to also receive the gift of dignity and pride.

Another thing you may not know is that we hire four local adults to staff the store under the supervision of our wonderful volunteer store managers, Tom and Mary Susan Capon. This provides the opportunity of practicing customer service, maintaining a retail store, using a cash register, and time management! It’s such a win-win!

TOY STORE HOURS: Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm
STORE OPEN: December 1-15, 2012