Tax Time In The Neighborhood

February 26, 2010


tax sign Oasis volunteers also hold periodic financial classes in the community to help with basic budgeting, credit repair, setting financial goals, and interest education.

Our VITA program has been very successful and in the past 5 years the following incredible statistics have been tallied:  $1,168,000 was saved in credits or refunds for our clients, $60,5000 was saved additionally by filing returns for free, 705 returns were worked on, and 1,345 hours of work were donated by our volunteers!

This season we had: over 100 returns completed, 245 volunteer hours, $250,000 saved to families in credits and filing fees.  The average impact per return is $2531. Thank you to Doug Edwards, our site coordinator, and everyone involved!

Volunteers And Students Shared The Love On Valentines Day

February 12, 2010

kids at 
valentines partyOn Friday, February 12, our Adopt-a-Class sponsors hosted Valentine’s parties for all the classrooms at Caldwell.  The sponsors brought goodies and supplies for the students to make Valentine cards for the St. Jude patients at Target House, and the seniors at Bickford Community Center and Magnolia Terrace.  The cards turned out absolutely beautiful, and not only did the kids have fun making them, but they also brightened a lot of other people’s lives that day!  Our next Adopt-a-Class event for the year will be the Easter Parties and Easter Egg Hunt coming up in March!  Watch for details!!

Spring Training for Baseball

February 01, 2010

Scroll down for Baseball Schedule 2010.

baseball teamThe first step of this partnership was to get involved in an intense day of spring training at Hope.  On February 27th and 28th we hosted the team at the church for a full day of skill training, team building, faith stretching and mouth feeding (grin).  Click here to view a slideshow from this event. They stayed overnight at the church and worshiped with us Sunday morning. If you are interested in getting involved in this outreach, please contact Terrice Thomas, 527-0074 If you would like to help underwrite costs the team will acquire, make checks payable to Oasis of Hope and put “baseball team” in the memo, or you can donate online.

The opportunities will continue throughout the spring baseball season.  Volunteer Coach, Michael Timmons, will be coordinating this partnership and already has a strong relationship with the players.  We have already had more than 50 volunteers and sponsors step up to help improve the ball-field conditions at the school, but more work is needed.

As with all of our programs – baseball is a tool to build relationships and have a positive impact on the lives of our youth in the community.  But we need as much help as possible to make this an effective tool that God can use for His glory.

Baseball Schedule 2010
WON!  Manassas 8/Raleigh-Egypt 7 – March 15 Raleigh-Egypt/Home 4pm
WON!  Manassas 18/MASE 3 – March 17 MASE/Home 4pm
Lost Trezvant 13/Trezevant 15 – March 18 Trezevant/Home 4pm
March 19 Middle College/Home 4pm
March 22 @Frayser/Away 4pm
March 23 Middle College/Home 4pm
WON!  Manassas 7/Douglass 6 – March 24 Douglass/Home 3pm
March 25 @Trezevant/Away 4pm
WON!  Manassas 16/East 15 – March 30 East (Double Header)/Home 12pm
April 5 @Douglass/Away 4pm
April 8 Kingsbury/Home 4pm
April 12 Northside (Double Header)/Home 3:30pm
April 13 Raleigh-Egypt/Home 4pm
April 15 @Kingsbury/Away 4pm
April 19 Frayser/Home 4pm
April 26 MASE/Home 4pm
April 29 Douglass/Home 4pm
April 30 Douglass/Home 4pm

Head Coach:  Dennis Paden
Assistant Coaches:  Jonny Eckford, Mike Timmons