The ministries of Oasis of Hope all boil down to two main efforts…

Developing Young Christian Leaders

If our youth in the community are growing in their faith, leadership, education and employment skills, then they will be equipped to change their world! Our ministries emphasize these areas of a child’s development, and we also hope to provide the love, encouragement, and support that they need to grow and become all that God has created them to be. The future of our neighborhood will look different than the past, because the future of our kids looks different than the generations before. Learn more about our youth ministries.  More >

Empowering Neighborhood Adults

As with youth, by ministering to adults in the areas of faith, leadership, education and employment, adults in the community are improving their lives, and improving the community. Our affordable housing ministry provides safe, quality places for people to call home, with the goal of becoming homeowners themselves. For the seniors in our community, we provide a dynamic daily program that brings dignity, honor and fun into their lives. Learn more about our adult ministries.  More >


Watch the video below to see why we do what we do

Ministry Projects

  Bearwater Park      
Oasis Appliance provides quality, pre-owned appliances at significantly reduced prices. This ministry also serves as an avenue for us to provide on-the-job training and neighborhood employment.  More >   Oasis of Hope has partnered with the North Memphis Community Development Corp. and the City of Memphis to bring a beautiful, safe, affordable housing to neighborhood families and residents!  More >   The Bike Shop takes in used or new bikes in any condition and refurbishes them when possible to be reused by those in need.  Our mission is: To help direct and encourage all we serve to take the right path in life.  More >   What began as an inner city choir performance featuring 11 girls from North Memphis, has evolved into an official program focusing on mentoring, team building, and united partnership with other youth ministries.  More >