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"Oasis of Hope has an incredibly dedicated staff and we are deeply indebted to them for the long hours, personal commitment and sacrifice and, most of all, their heart for our adopted community. We are honored for the opportunity to work with them and inspired by their faith and dedication. We asked them about the inspiration, devotion and rewards of being involved with Oasis and we hope you will find encouragement in their responses."  — The Board of Directors

Terry Hoff

Terry Hoff | Director

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Why do you devote your life to helping the people of North Memphis?
My devotion started straight from God’s Word. I had been given the assignment my freshman year at a Christian college to read through the Bible from cover to cover. This was something I had never done. Halfway through I remember laying my Bible down on my dorm room bed and praying, “God I get it. I am supposed to have a heart after yours; and you are passionate about justice for those in need. Please give me that same passion and show me what to do about it.” My life has not been the same since.

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Crystal Chopin | Business Operations Manager

How can your experience in other inner city ministries enhance your investment in Oasis?
My background in inner city ministry was established right here in North Memphis, in the neighboring community of Frayser. I have gained so much insight over the years about the needs of unique communities like this that I will use to help implement programs that Oasis of Hope can use in fulfilling our mission. I am so excited to see how God will use me at Oasis to continue building His Kingdom!

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Kathleen McDonald | Elementary Youth Developer


You've spent years with Oasis as a volunteer and an employee ... why?
"Faith, is not a comfortable address if it resides in your heart, for faith will cause you to move out of your comfort zone." In 2002, I saw a video at church of a Caldwell Kindergarten teacher, Elizabeth Clark, expressing her joy that Hope was planning an Urban Outreach Ministry, Oasis of Hope. From then, I began reading in her class weekly until God moved me to bigger volunteer opportunities, then as a staffer, back to volunteer, & now as staff again! My roles have changed, but my love to share God's word & His love with my friends of North Memphis has never changed.

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Jasmine Martin | Middle School Youth Developer


You have grown up in N Memphis and in the Oasis of Hope has Oasis impacted you and why do you feel compelled to give back?
Oasis of Hope, staff & volunteers, changed my perspective when they came into my life during 7th grade at Manassas. Since then, I have volunteered with Oasis for years so that I could be a beacon of God's light to a community that is so dear to my heart and to help other young people realize their full potential and discover who God wants them to be. God has blessed me with so much through this ministry and I am glad a get the opportunity to return what He has invested!

Martell Hixson | High School Youth Developer


Why do you want to work with urban kids?
My passion for urban youth ministry stems from my background. I grew up in an urban context and became well acquainted with the pain and confusion that many urban teens feel daily. I also saw the creative minds and passionate hearts of young people in urban culture and have come to believe that some of our greatest future leaders will come from this context.

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Shirley Glenn | Director of the Senior Center

What motivates you to work with the elderly?
I wanted a job that I could be proud of, and feel good about doing everyday. Even when things get stressful I remember that I am helping. Working with elderly people is so rewarding and I really want to be able to feel the joy you feel when working with vulnerable populations. I like to be their advocate, friend and sometimes teacher. Also, I know I will learn a lot from them and carry that with me through my life. I have found that I love being able to give back to the community that has given so much to me and other people.

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Leon Murrell | Activity Coordinator of the Senior Center


What is it about working with the Oasis Senior Program that inspires you?
What inspires me to work with the senior program is the life lessons learned each day. I enjoy working for our seniors, and I see what it's like to get older and all that goes on when we do. Anybody that appreciates the knowledge and experience gained over several years of experience would see the importance of working with senior citizens.

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Karey Hoff  | Communications/Internet Content Manager

Why did you get involved in communications with Oasis of Hope?
Like many others, I realized I had a skill that I could share with Oasis, so I volunteered for five years creating the Oasis website and adding in social media as it evolved. I was blown away by all the amazing things quietly, tirelessly and faithfully happening through the staff, the volunteers, and the people they were impacting and felt compelled to share these amazing stories with everyone! I've witnessed a lot of ministries, but I see Oasis as having a nose-to-the-grindstone, heart-for-God, credit-has-nothing-to-do-with-it kind of attitude, and I immeasureably admire their passion and dedication.


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