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We are a non-profit, community-based Christian organization that encourages life-on-life relationships that connect people across racial and socioeconomic boundaries.

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Ministry Results

Yes, it's hard to measure the impact that we are having on a community, and especially on the lives of people who are affected by what we do. But, in an effort to share exactly this, we have put together a page identifying the quantifiable, measureable outcomes from our humble and sincere efforts to make a difference.

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Male volunteers to work with middle-schoolers
1 Tues tutor, 2 Wed tutors for Read2Succeed (R2S)
Snacks for kids: capri suns, chips, cookies, fruit snacks
Used books for 1st-5th graders
Money for R2S field trips
For summer camp: towels/wash cloths, sleeping bags, twin sheets, travel toiletries
Computer lab volunteer to work with senior citizens
Slightly used furniture, home decor, & appliance donations
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  • We Couldn’t Be Prouder; Oasis Will Always Be #TeamTerrian!

    As exciting as this whirlwind has been, Terrian's journey on American Idol has come to end, but we are confident this is just the beginning and we can't wait to watch and see what God has planned for her! More
  • Make an Impact in 2016; Attend Urban Plunge Feb. 25-28

    Take a mission trip in your own backyard and experience Memphis' inner city with Urban & Oasis as we open your eyes to all of the partnering ministries working together to make Memphis an even better place to live! More
  • North Memphis Church Plant–What’s Happening Now

    Wondering what's going on with the North Memphis Church Plant? Stay up-to-date on the exciting happenings and progress that is being made behind the scenes! Please surround Pastor Colley and team in prayer! More
  • It’s Our 10th Year; We’ve Saved People Almost $3M!! Join Us!!

    We believe in providing practical love to help families in N Memphis. What better way than to assure them we can are a trustworthy source for getting all the tax allowances they are allowed? But we need your help. More
  • Sign Up with Amazon Smile and Re-Enroll Your Kroger Card

    These are two easy ways to donate financially to us without even writing a check (although we need those too)! Both options take less than 3 minutes to set up! Read on for step by step instructions. More
  • Oasis and Hope Partner with Habitat for Humanity!

    Are we ever thrilled to be able to share this news! We are more than excited to work together with Former President Jimmy Carter and Habitat for Humanity to add 25 new homes in 2016 to Bearwater Park! More
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