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We are a non-profit, community-based Christian organization that encourages life-on-life relationships that connect people across racial and socioeconomic boundaries.

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Ministry Results

Yes, it's hard to measure the impact that we are having on a community, and especially on the lives of people who are affected by what we do. But, in an effort to share exactly this, we have put together a page identifying the quantifiable, measureable outcomes from our humble and sincere efforts to make a difference.

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Register now for Urban Plunge; February 19-22.
As of Jan 1st, Kroger requires you to re-designate Oasis as the non-profit you chose to receive donations.
Did you hear the EXCITING news? Hope will be planting a church in the Oasis of Hope neighborhood in 2015!
Wanna get involved? Starting in 2015, Pathfinders (Jr High) moves to Tuesdays at 5:30p.
Boy do we need a youth van! Any ideas??
Remember to shop at Hope Again to help support Oasis!
Shop or donate to Oasis Appliance (we always need washers/dryers)


  • It’s a Perfect Time to Attend Urban Plunge-Feb 19-22

    With all of the recent talk about racial injustice and modern day civil rights movements, there's no better time to join us on the Urban Plunge than now! Learn about our city and how you can make a difference. More
  • To Us Tax Season is an Exciting Way to Show We Care

    Building trust in the community takes time, and after faithfully proving we consider filing taxes for free a ministry of love, we are thrilled to be back for a 9th year! Tax season to us is exciting! More
  • Oasis Bike Shop Helps Kids Earn Bikes, Teaches Mechanics

    Santa has his elves, but the Oasis Bike Shop has seven young men from the inner city currently working through the apprentice mechanics program where they are being trained in bicycle repair, safety and mechanics More
  • As of 2015 Kroger Asks You to Re-Enroll Your Desired Ministry

    As of Jan 1st Kroger is asking everyone to re-designate the ministry you want to receive Kroger donations to. It may seem like a small act, but it’s a HUGE help! Support us financially without writing a check! More
  • Big News! Hope Wants to Plant a Church in North Memphis!

    Our exciting news is out! Hope Church is ready to begin the process of planting a church in North Memphis to partner with the relationships we've been building for over thirteen years! Stay posted for details! More
  • Bittersweet Changes to the Oasis Staff Roster

    Change can be hard. Change can be exciting. Oasis is extremely sad to lose our faithful staffer, Brenda our Youth Director, but we are also thrilled to add Kathleen McDonald and Jasmine Martin to our new staff roster! More
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